Max Interior Revive

Bring your car back from its worst condition to the best possible condition

Max Interior Revive in Delray Beach, FL & Surrounding Areas

Our Max-Interior Revive is our highest interior cleaning service that’s meant to bring your car back from its worst condition to the best possible condition. In this service we shampoo the entire vehicle and extract any stains within the carpet, seats and headliner if needed. 

*This service takes on average between 2-3 hours to complete or just a little bit over that depending on the size and condition of the vehicle*

Even with this package, our expertise, and equipment we can’t promise every stain will come out, however what we do promise is we will do our absolute best to revive the car back to new. If  your interior doesnt need such a deep cleaning service and you are looking to just freshen up the vehicle our Mini-Interior Refresh is better for you. 

Our Process

Max Interior Revive

All prices are contingent upon inspection of the vehicle and its condition. 



Toyota Camry/ Mercedes S Class

Crossovers & Medium SUVs


Toyota Rav 4/ Range Rover Sport

Large SUV & Trucks


Cadillac Escalade/ F-150

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