2-Step Paint Correction

Our 2-Step paint correction service removes between 80%-90% of all scratches and swirls

2-Step Paint Correction in Delray Beach, FL & Surrounding Areas

Our 2-Step method adds another step. Using a cutting compound to get deeper into the paint and remove all those imperfections and follow that up with the polishing compound. Therefore it is 2 Step. This method is more costly but yields greater results removing 80%-90% of all scratches and imperfections. 

We recommend you pair this service with a ceramic coating(link to page or section) so we can add a layer of protection to the vehicle to ensure you don’t end up with scratches and swirls down the line.

The great thing is if you get a ceramic coating done with us the 2-Step Paint Correction is included in the overall cost giving you huge savings!

Our Process

2-Step Paint Correction

All prices are contingent upon inspection of the vehicle and its condition. 

2-Step Paint Correction


Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. 

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